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Female Merc Posed


One of the characters for my MFA thesis project. For this character I wanted to create something for a modern/near-future, military setting. The idea was to create someone with remnants of a typical military uniform but some added aspects to play with the silhouette such as the body suit and leg armor. I was also looking to use a mostly earthy, military color palette with a splash of bright color with the red hair.

Part of this project was to also work on prop modeling by creating an original weapon for her to use. I created a gun based around the FN-P90 and the combat rifle from the Halo series. It was a lot of fun to design and come up with some of the inner workings such as the reloading mechanism that works like a breech loaded shotgun.

If I were to revisit the character I’d like to further work on the hair geometry and further work on the details for the weapon.

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