Shattered Greatsword

Matthew harris greatsword model sheet

Model Sheet for Shattered Greatsword
(Diffuse only)

Marmoset Viewer for Shattered Greatsword

Matthew harris greatsword template

Concept Art for Shattered Greatsword

Shattered Greatsword

With this project I wanted to begin modeling some weapon concepts I created a while back. The intent was to create props textured entirely using a single diffuse map (save for the emissive map for the energy between the shards.) I used a typical diffuse only modeling process by creating a high poly model in zbrush and, after retopology, created an ambient occlusion map to use as my base details and values to begin painting the diffuse map in 3D Coat.

I’m pretty happy with the way it turned out and would like to continue refining my skill in diffuse only texturing while creating the rest of the weapon designs.