Tunnel Scene UE4

Matthew harris tunnel scene 01
Matthew harris 16alley scene 02
Matthew harris 17alley scene 03
Matthew harris alley materials

Tunnel Materials

Tunnel Scene UE4

As part of my MFA thesis project I created some simple environments for my characters in Unreal Engine. In this scene I wanted to build an old, gas lit european tunnel and create a collection of different stone shaders to play around with.

My main goal was to create a convincingly grimy environment and one aspect of my shaders that I’m particularly proud of is the cobblestone ground. It’s not extremely complicated but I enjoyed figuring out the use of vertex painting in order to add water gathering between the stones. It’s a simple touch, but I like it.

If I were to revisit the scene, I’d like to create some props to populate the scene to make it look a little more lived in. Simple things like some barrels, crates, or a horse carriage could help the scene feel less empty.

Software used:
Unreal Engine